A very cool little circuit for turning single notes into arpeggios in your modular synth. It features controls for range, note sets, and movement. It contains a built in clock with outputs for triggers and gates, and can also be controlled by external clocks. There is an expander PCB that allows for external control voltage to be used on any of the stages and adds more control on the note set. It works on 15V and 12V supplies with no modifications, the PCBs have PC mounted pots for easy wiring and has footprints for Eurorack and MOTM power connecters.

Schematics, Parts list and all other information needed to build this are in this PDF.

If you have an older PCB (bought before August of 2013) then the documentation you should go by is in this PDF.

Here's a short sound sample demonstrating some of the features of the arpeggiator.
In the sample you'll first hear some of the different note sets, then movement types, then the range, tempo and pwm controls are manipulated.

The Main Board and PIC cost $16 and the expander PCB costs $9.
Unfinished Eurorack Panels are available for this project for both the main and expander modules. They are $7 each. The layout for the main board is different than the module pictured on the left. The LED is moved to below the pots, and the pots are raised up.
If you'd like to drill your own panel for this project, feel free to use my drill guides. Here is the main board and here is the expander.

Email to place an order.