I am making unfinished aluminum Eurorack panels for all of my projects! All panels have slotted mounting holes and are made of 2mm thick 5052 aluminum. I chose to do unfinished panels over finished panels to encourage creativity and self expression. Paint them, sticker them, engrave them, finish them however you want!

Nicer panels are available from Synthcube

Right now panels are available for the following projects at the following prices, check the pages and/or documentation for each project to learn more:
BMC001. Dual Quantizer panel, 6HP $6.5
BMC003. Arppegiator panel, 8HP $7. Expander panel is also available for the same price.
BMC004. Voltage Controlled Clock, 16HP $9.
BMC008. Multi-Window Comparator, 10HP $8
BMC009. User Writable Quantizer, 12HP $8
BMC010. Dual Decaying Noise, 6HP $6.5
BMC011. Wave Animator, 6HP $6.5
BMC013. Random Resonator, 6HP $6.5
BMC014. Gate Delay, 6HP $6.5
BMC015. VCA/MIXER 12HP $7.5
BMC016. Dual Nice Quantizer $8
BMC017. 2LFO SH. 8HP $8
BMC018. Analog Drum. 8HP $8
BMC019. Delaying AR. 8HP $7
BMC020. 1Song. 8HP $8
BMC021. Full Wave Dual Rectifier. 6HP $8
BMC022. Auto Seq. 12HP $8
BMC023. Decaying Analog Noise. 6HP $8
BMC024. Midi To Gate Converter. 8HP $8
BMC025. FM Drum. 8HP $8
BMC026. Rando Chordo. 8HP $8
BMC027. Random Rhythm. 16HP. $9
BMC028. Live Rhythm Quantizer. 6HP $8
BMC029. Single Multiplier/Divider. 6HP $8
BMC030. Guitar Input. 12HP $8
BMC031. QTLFO. 8HP $8
BMC032. Blended Bandpass. 6HP $8
BMC033. 4046 Shaper. 12HP $8
BMC034. Switched Resistor Filter. 10HP $8
BMC035. Bytewise Operator. 10 HP. $8. Expander panel is 8HP and also $8.
BMC036. Digital Hi Hat. 8 HP. $8.
BMC037. Eurorack Buffer. 10 HP. $8.
BMC038. Panel Keyboard. 10 HP. $8.
BMC039. Step Rhythm. 14 HP. $9.
BMC040. Dual Logic. 6 HP. $8
BMC041. CV Spreader. 6 HP. $8
BMC042. Simple AR. 6 HP. $8
BMC043. 4x Decay. 8 HP. $8
BMC044. 4knob Sequencer. 10 HP. $8
BMC045. Programmable Router. 14 HP. $9
BMC046. Digital Noise. 6 HP. $8
BMC047. Balanced Outs. 14 HP. $12
BMC048. Single Random Rhythm. 6 HP. $8
BMC049. Attenuverting Mixer. 8 HP. $8
BMC050. Manual Voltages. 8 HP. $8
BMC051. Preset Rhythms. 10 HP. $8
BMC052. Chordizer. 12 HP. $8
BMC053. 4Quadrant Multiplier/Panner. 8 HP. $8

Before you order, you should know the following:
1.These panels are shear cut to the nearest 1/16th of an inch to the correct size for Eurorack without going over. For instance, a 6HP panel would normally be 30mm, the closest width without going over in 1/16th inches is 1 and 1/8" or 28.58
2.I think my layouts may be a little tighter than other people's.
3.The panels are intended to be finished, and there may be small scratches on them like those seen in the next two pictures. If you are planning on engraving the panels, or otherwise doing a finish which shows a lot of bare metal, let me know and I'll look for one with the least amount of scratching.
4.The slots may not be exactly parallel, as seen in the last photo. I am filing these by hand. When you screw the panel on, you don't see this.