Random Resonator

This is a somewhat minimalist module used to alter the timbre of an oscillator. There is a blend knob which lets the user select how much of the original oscillator is present, and a complexity knob controlling how complex the new timbres being added might be.

Here is an MP3 of a saw tooth wave being fed into the Random Resonator. At the start of each sequence, a new timbre is created.
Here is an MP3 of the Resonator's timbres without any of the input signal mixed back in.
Here is an MP3 of the Resonator in "loop" mode, with no input oscillator.

For complete descriptions of the way the module is used, with patch ideas and MP3 demos and how to build it, download this PDF file.  

For a mumbly video demo of this module check this out.

Boards are available now. Price for 1 board and 1 preprogrammed PIC $18.
Unfinished eurorack panels are available for this project. They are 6HP and cost $6.5 each. There's more information about them here. The layout is the same as the one pictured to the left.
If you'd like to drill your own panel, feel free to use my drilling guide, it should be printed at 300dpi to scale correctly.