Dual Decaying Noise

This circuit creates two percussive noise voices, it acts as noise source, VCA and envelope generator all in one.

Initially there will be three different sets of software offered for the DDN:

1.Dual Decaying Noise - 2 digital noise outputs, the knobs set the decay, and the switches select between linear and logarithmic decay curves and whether decay begins at the rising or falling edge of the input trigger/gate. This MP3 demonstrates the sound of the Dual Decaying Noise software. At the start of the demo, it's in logarithmic/closed mode, then I do linear/closed, then linear/open, then log/open.

2.Dual Delaying Noise - 2 digital noise outputs, but with software emulation of a delay effect. The knobs set the Decay time, Delay time, number of repeats and Delay level for each channel. This MP3 demonstrates the Dual Delaying Noise. The two outputs are being triggered simultaneously in this demo and each is being processed by a different bandpass filter to help give separation.

3.Decaying Noise/Tones - Each output is switchable between noise and square wave. The knobs control decay times and frequencies. This lets you have a kick and a snare sound from the same module. Here's an mp3 demo of me turning knobs and flipping switches. The triggers are coming from my Clock/Divider in random mode, and the outputs are just going into a mixer. And here's a youtube demo of this firmware.

For complete descriptions of the way the module is used, and how to build it, download this PDF file.  

Boards are available now. Price for 1 board and 1 preprogrammed PIC is $18. Additional PICs are available for $2 when ordering boards.
The current batch of PCBs for this are missing the parts values in the silkscreen layer. See this note for more information.
There are unfinished eurorack panels available for this project, they are 6HP and cost $6.5 each. There is more information here about panels. The layout for the panels is the same as used in the pre-built DDNs.
If you're interested in drilling your own panel for this project, feel free to use my drill guide. That image should be printed at 300dpi for proper scaling.

Email Michael@Bartonmusicalcircuits.com to place an order or ask a question or anything.

Here's a picture of the DDN that's in my system: