Multi-Window Comparator

This circuit is a new type of comparator. A microcontroller checks the input voltage against a data table that tells it whether to turn it's output on or off. This is repeated 4 times for 4 different outputs. The data tables are written by the user using pushbuttons or external trigger/gate sources.

Board features:
-Low parts count
-PC Mounted pots, and mounting holes. Eurorack and MOTM connecter pads for maximum build flexibility

For complete descriptions of the way the module works, and how to build it, download this PDF file.  
I have unfinished aluminum panels drilled for this project that are 10HP. More information on panels here. Here is a guide for which parts go where on the blank panel.
If you'd like to drill your own panel, feel free to use my guide, it should be printed at 300dpi to scale correctly.

Here is a message board thread about this project

Price for 1 board and 1 preprogrammed PIC $20. Boards and PICs are available

Email to order.