Preset Rhythms

This module is a PIC-based rhythm generator inspired by old rhythm boxes and keyboard presets. Kick and Snare patterns are selected using the knobs. It features an internal clock but is compatible with an external clock. There are CV and trigger inputs for pattern selection allowing for an external sequencer to be used. It features Eurorack and MOTM style power connecters and can be used on either 12V or 15V systems without modification.

For complete descriptions of the way this module, including pattern diagrams download this PDF file.  

Boards and PICs are available now. Price for 1 board/PIC is $16.
Unfinished eurorack panels are available for this project. They are 10HP and cost $8 each. There's more information about them here. The layout is the same as the one pictured to the left.
If you'd like to drill your own panel, feel free to use my drilling guide, it should be printed at 300dpi to scale correctly.