BMC25. FM Drum

The FM Drum is a percussion module designed to make far-out and strange sounds. It features a manually controlled modulating oscillator and a voltage controlled oscillator. Each oscillator has both square and triangle waveshapes, selectable with toggle switches. It also accepts external CV for modulation. It is easy to patch, just input a trigger or gate source and out comes a strange new sound.

This MP3 demonstrates the differences in adjusting just modulation depth and waveforms. The output of the unit is patched to the CV input for self modulation.
This MP3 has an increase of the modulating oscillator at the beginning and then some general tweaking.

PRICE = $90.00

There are currently 3 available. Parts of construction are done by hand, your unit may not look exactly like the unit pictured.
You could definitely build this yourself! PCBs are available for DIYers.